insurance for individuals and insurance for businesses

insurance for individuals and insurance for businesses

ASSURANCE ENTREPRISE is an insurance firm that offers a complete range of products and services. The firm offers a global strategy to ensure your financial security, allowing you to protect your assets and your job.

Insurance for individuals and insurance for businesses

In today's society, people need more protection for their property and people. Without insurance, they may find themselves in difficult situations or unable to protect themselves. Insurance were created to meet this demand. Insurance for individuals cover loss of money, injury, personal tragedy, theft and loss of life. Insurance for businesses covers financial loss, environmental losses (oil spills, floods, earthquakes), workplace accidents, and damage to equipment. Both types of insurance have advantages and disadvantages. Personal lines insurance provides more basic coverage than commercial lines insurance. For example, personal lines insurance covers damages to physical beneficiaries, while commercial lines insurance covers damages to moral beneficiaries (service providers, dependents). Personal insurance also provides protection against collective actions (unions, strikes). Corporate insurance offers a higher level of protection than personal insurance for administrative issues (reclassification due to work restructuring). Personal insurance can be paid on an annual basis or on a fixed period (re-entry). Business insurance is payable on a monthly or quarterly basis. The main advantages of personal insurance are that the first payments are free and that it offers a high level of protection against claims. The main advantages of insurance for businesses are that the plan is capped and the claims coverage is high.

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What is the main reason why you have chosen business insurance?

The main reasons for choosing business insurance are that it is the best solution for our interests, it is safe and easy to control.

Why did you decide to manage your business insurance remotely?

The answer is simple: the advantages are countless! In reality, it saves you from having to regularly move your employees for business tip meetings or work meetings. They can also quickly make themselves available at your place of work when needed. Moreover, thanks to collaboration tools such as chat or social networks, you can easily exchange information with all your collaborators. Finally, keep in mind that even if your business is based at your workplace, managing insurance is always a good idea. This way, you will be out of reach of the current and foreseeable risks that businesses face.

Enterprise Insurance is a comprehensive insurance package offered by the company. It covers all the occupational hazardsIt covers all types of risks, both associated and not associated with the company's activities: industrial accidents, personal injury, theft, strikes, floods, droughts, financial losses, air accidents, natural disasters. It is also offered as a complement to the collective guarantees (life insurance, retirement, etc.) offered by the company.

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