what you need to know before choosing your frozen pizza

what you need to know before choosing your frozen pizza

The pizza is a dish very appreciated by the French.

There are many varieties of pizzas, each with its own specificities.

Frozen pizzas are also very popular with the French and there is something for everyone: classic, vegetarian, etc. But how to choose your frozen pizza ? This is what we will see in this article.

What makes a good frozen pizza?

The frozen pizza has become a must for meals on the go. It is suitable for all tastes and can be eaten hot, cold or even in a salad.

Frozen pizzas are a growing market that offers a wide variety of products. They are adaptable to all tastes and can be cooked in the traditional oven or in the microwave.

Their price allows you to buy several of them to make complete meals easy to make for single people. They are also very easy to store: just put them in the freezer and take them out when you need them! A frozen pizza must always contain a minimum of 65% of flour, 15% of water and 20% of fat in order to offer the quality desired by the final consumer.

The bread dough must also be made with natural ingredients (flour, water?) as described on the product packaging.

The topping should contain fresh ingredients such as tomato (for a classic pizza), but also finely cut raw ham (for a cheese pizza) or finely cut smoked salmon (for a fish pizza). Aromatic herbs can also be used to flavor the dough (thyme, basil?). To ensure a good conservation and not to alter the taste of the final product, it is important that the ambient temperature is maintained between 0°C and +3°C when stored in the freezer.

Are frozen pizzas as good as fresh ones?

Frozen pizzas are often promoted for their price, but are they of good quality? To answer this question, you have to take into account different aspects of the product.

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The quality of a pizza depends on the ingredients used in its preparation.

There are different types of doughs and sauces and they can be combined to obtain a unique result. In addition, the quality of the product can also be influenced by where you buy your pizza and how it is baked. For example, a wood-fired pizza will generally be better than a microwave pizza.

When you eat a fresh pizza, you can smell the aromas coming from the wood-fired oven or the hot stone oven that give a particular and incomparable flavor to the pizzas.

You can also see how the ingredients have been cut on the freshly baked pizza: the slices should be thin or cut into small uniform pieces without visible thicknesses or holes. One of the reasons why we love eating pizza so much is that each variety has a unique taste that is not noticeable with the same type of frozen food: if you are looking for something unique, try a seafood pizza!

What are the ingredients needed for a frozen pizza?

To make a frozen pizza, first freeze the dough and toppings.

Healthier toppings are also needed for frozen pizzas.

Frozen pizza can be enjoyed with the family or with friends. To make a good frozen pizza, just follow a few steps: First, choose a powerful microwave oven and adjust its temperature to a medium or high setting (depending on the model). Then heat the dough in the microwave for 2 minutes at full power.

Make sure it is well cooked. Once it is ready, you can add the ingredients that will make up your topping. Be careful not to overcrowd your pizza so that there is enough room for the tomato sauce and other sauces you want to add. Finally, cover your pizza with aluminum foil before putting it in the microwave for about 5 minutes.

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Your pizza is ready!

What are the best brands of frozen pizzas?

There are many brands of frozen pizzas. They generally offer quality products, but it is sometimes difficult to choose the best one because of the large number of references on the market.

Here are some tips to help you make the right choice.

Make sure that the frozen pizzas are packaged for the type of use you want (freezer, microwave, traditional oven). Choose a thin dough if you want to enjoy a pizza with toppings similar to traditional recipes. In the case of a frozen dish intended to be eaten hot, choose a thicker packaging so that the pizza is not overcooked and does not lose its soft texture. Choose natural ingredients without chemical additives (wholemeal flour, extra virgin olive oil, etc.). Finally, opt for a laminated or flaky dough rather than a classic dough if you want to enjoy a crispy and tasty dish.

What are the best brands of frozen pizzas?

How to prepare a frozen pizza?

Pour réussir une frozen pizza, il faut savoir que la préparation est un peu différente de celle de la pizza fraîche. En effet, ce type de produit nécessite une cuisson assez longue.

The cooking temperature must be maintained at over 200 °C and the cooking time must be extended by about 20 minutes. In order to make a success of your preparation, you will need specific equipment adapted to this type of operation. To begin with, you will have to invest in a special oven for frozen pizzas or use a traditional oven and install accessories designed for frozen pizzas: pizza stone, aluminum plate, etc. It is also important to invest in ad hoc utensils to properly handle the product. Choose utensils with extendable heat-resistant handles to ensure perfect contact between the product and the utensil. Don't forget the essential antidiffusion spatula to control the temperature of the oven during the cooking phase. To obtain a crispy and soft dough, choose a T55 flour rather than a T45 flour which will be too sticky when kneading.

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What are the mistakes to avoid when selecting a frozen pizza?

Pizza is a very popular Italian dish, especially in France. It comes in several varieties: the classic pizza, the margherita pizza, the four-cheese pizza? There are thousands of variations and this is what makes its charm. There are many commercial pizzerias that offer frozen dishes. However, in order not to make the wrong choice and avoid unpleasant surprises when the package arrives at home, it is important to know some parameters to take into account when selecting a frozen pizza.

One of the criteria to take into consideration is the packaging of the product. The packaging should be clearly visible so that you can have an idea of what it actually contains before you buy the product. Once you have seen the contents of the package and you have selected an interesting offer for your needs, you should study the external packaging of the product to know if its quality is satisfactory or not. To do this, just look at the materials used for its manufacture (plastic or aluminum) and especially its color (color too flashy).

The second criterion to take into account is the composition of the dough used to make your favorite dish (thin or thick dough) because it can reveal a different taste depending on your food appetite.

To choose your frozen pizza, you must first check the weight of the ingredients. The frozen pizzas are often more expensive than take-out pizzas, but they are of better quality since the ingredients are fresh and do not contain preservatives.

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