Agricultural and viticultural insurance: what is it for?

Agricultural and viticultural insurance: what is it for?

In this article we will talk about the professional insurance for farmers and wine growers. This insurance is designed for farmers and wine growers who work outside the traditional fruit or vegetable industry. The coverage offered varies according to the type of activity. For farmers, there is coverage against production losses, bodily injury and theft. For wine growers, there was coverage for fruit loss, theft and fire. Today, the coverage has been expanded to include not only fresh produce, but also preserved foodstuffs such as dairy products.

Agricultural and viticultural insurance: what is it for?

If you have an accident or your family suffers a loss, these insurances are there to help you. But whether you are a farmer, a winegrower or a consumer, agricultural and viticultural insurance offers a wide range of services to protect your family. These insurances cover risks related to agriculture, viticulture and related businesses. These insurances can be complementary or completely separate, depending on the client's needs.

Agricultural and viticultural insurance offers various guarantees for farmers, wine growers and consumers. These coverages may include insurance coverage for agricultural, viticultural and related business risks. Agricultural and viticultural insurance can also offer mortgage guarantees, restoration guarantees and disaster guarantees. Insureds who benefit from these guarantees can receive financial assistance to overcome the consequences of any of the risks covered.

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Farm and Vineyard Insurance also offers a range of services to protect farmers, growers and consumers. These services may include prevention and land protection services, legal advisory services and risk management services. Policyholders who take advantage of these services may receive financial assistance to overcome the consequences of any of the covered risks.

If you are considering insurance agricultural or viticultural, it is important to consult an expert who will help you determine which of the proposed services is most appropriate for you.

What are the main types of professional agricultural and viticultural insurance?

If you are an agricultural contractor or a wine grower, you need a professional insurance. Whether for your personal business or for your agricultural or viticultural activity, here are the main types of agricultural and viticultural insurance in a few words.

A. Personal" insurance

Personal" insurance covers legal risks that affect the employer, even if they are below the daily limit determined by law. For example, the "personal" insurance can cover direct damages suffered by the employer (power failure, theft, fire?) and financial losses (contractual debts, warning and administration costs).

B. Workmen's compensation insurance

They cover incidents that occur during the professional activity (work accidents, professional illnesses, work stoppage). This insurance is often compulsory and can be completed by additional guarantees (for example on clothing).

C. Insurance "against loss

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They cover financial losses incurred by the insured (physical property losses, copyright losses, intellectual property losses). These insurances can also cover the costs related to social conflicts and lawsuits.

D. Legal protection

This insurance covers legal and arbitration costs related to professional activity. It is often offered to artists, professional athletes, office workers and merchants.

What are the main agricultural and viticultural insurance policies in force?

Si vous êtes allés voir votre assurance agricole ou viticole votre assureur répondra certainement à des questions telles que: quelle est mon activité? quels sont mes risques? pour combien de personnes suis-je couvert? comment dois-je payer mes assurances? en quoi diffère une assurance agricole de viticole? Quelles sont les principales assurances agricoles et viticoles en vigueur? Pour répondre à cette question, il est important de savoir les différences entre les assurances agricoles et viticoles, ainsi que les principales garanties qu’elles proposent.

The professional insurance Agricultural and viticultural insurances encourage farmers and winegrowers to take advantage of complementary protections to maximize their chances of success. These insurances allow farmers and winegrowers to build up an investment capital in case of problems and to benefit from an after-sales support to restore their activities.

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