Professional insurance for security and protection

Professional insurance for security and protection

ASSURANCE PROFESSIONNELLE TPE DE L'INDUSTRIE is a company that offers professional insurance to individuals and companies. It was established in Paris in 2006 and offers a complete range of insurance products and services. The company has a network of national distributors and is a member of the Mouvement des Assurés de France (MAF).

Professional insurance for security and protection

Professional insurance for safety and protection is a regulated field that includes different types of insurance such as health insurance and automobile insurance. These insurances offer a range of services to their policyholders, including protection against risks related to the profession, financial assets and private life. These insurances comply with current standards and regulations and are subject to insurance commissioners. Policyholders have the option of purchasing these insurances or turning to provincial insurers for adequate service.

What is the name of the industry's VSE insurance?

The professional insurance TPE (Totally Staggered Category) are the most popular in France. They aim to protect their clients against all kinds of risks, in a comprehensive way and with various guarantees. Most of them also offer bonuses and benefits for members.

What are the conditions for joining this insurance?

If you're looking for insurance, the requirements for enrollment are usually quite simple. However, there are also some requirements that are not the same for different types of insurance. This is especially true for legal protection, which requires proof of identity. Other criteria, such as the age and income of the insured, are frequently used.

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This professional insurance The purpose of this insurance is to protect the employees in their professional activity. It covers risks related to illness, disability, work accidents, loss of life and expenses related to these accidents. It is established in cooperation with the professional unions and has a compensation scheme that is largely favorable to workers.

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