Professional risks and civil liability of professionals

Professional risks and civil liability of professionals

PROFESSIONAL GENERAL LIABILITY INSURANCE is a company that insures the civil liability of professionals. It offers the following services: claim declaration, insurance advice, damages. The company is located in Paris and has more than 100 employees.

Professional risks and civil liability of professionals

Professional risks and civil liability are subject to particularly strict regulations. However, although these risks are known, many professionals are unaware of their dangers and the potential consequences of their actions. According to the General Insurance Regulation (GIR), professionals must comply with the obligations that arise from professional risk. Among these obligations are those related to safety, including risk prevention and protection of people. This regulation is completed by specific provisions relating to civil liability. Professionals who wish to avoid the financial consequences they may face should therefore be familiar with these rules.

What is Professional General Liability Insurance?

Professional General Liability insurance is an insurance policy under which the policyholder protects professionals against collateral damage that they may suffer in the event of contractual liability. These damages may result from acts committed by the professional himself, by his company or by his clients. The foreseeable is thus protected against the financial and moral consequences which could result from it.

Who is this dedicated insurance for?

The quality of our health depends on our personal hygiene and the quality of our environment. Our fragile lives can only be guaranteed by effective prevention. The health is an important value for all our societies. To meet this need, there are a multitude of insurance policies available to people. These insurances cover areas such as health, home, car, accident, illness, legal protection and much more. To find out more which insurance is the right one for you, it is important to check with your insurer or to verify the conditions of membership.

The book "Professional General Liability Insurance" is a useful book for professionals who wish to protect themselves against liability risks. This book describes the different types of risks and how professionals can protect themselves. It also contains information on the legal provisions applicable to liability risks.


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