How to choose a man's shirt that does not wrinkle?

Ironing your shirt almost every day to keep it looking good is harder than it looks. That's one of the reasons why wrinkle-free fabrics for men's shirts are so popular, as they are worn every day. We offer you everything you need to know about choosing a wrinkle resistant shirt.

Know the fabrics that do not wrinkle

It is essential to know the types of fabrics used to make shirts. This is how you will be able to choose your wrinkle-free shirts. Shirts that do not wrinkle are often made of synthetic fibers. 

First of all, we distinguish polyester which is quite resistant, popular and does not wrinkle easily. Acrylic, as well as elastane, are materials that provide good elasticity to fabrics. They are suitable for making beautiful shirts wrinkle-free and of high quality. We can also mention the polyamide which has the particularity to resist to the friction and to the tear. Rayon is also a material that does not wrinkle and remains unharmed even after several washes.

Recently introduced as an alternative to cotton, modal and lyocell are materials that you will love in shirts. Clothes made of these materials are soft and very pleasant to the touch. Modal and lyocell are made from wood cellulose extracts. Twill is a fabric made from cotton fibers, whose weaving gives it the quality of wrinkle-free fabric. It is interesting to adopt it to iron your shirts less frequently. Another innovation is the seersucker shirt (or chido), it is made of treated cotton fibers and has a beautiful aesthetic and offers the advantage of feeling the heat less.

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Avoid materials that wrinkle

It is also useful to specify some materials of fabric fibers to be avoided so that ironing is not added to your daily tasks. These are mainly ordinary cotton without special treatment, linen and half synthetic materials such as viscose.

How to choose a man's shirt that does not wrinkle?

Have the right reflexes to find the right brand

At the beginning, it is difficult to focus on a brand without having experienced it. Your experience starts with the results of research on the web, the opinions and the arguments defended in store. It is by experiencing some of these materials that you will be able to make a better choice and prefer some brands to others.

However, the first thing you need to do is to take the time to read the labels on the shirts to get an idea of the materials they are made of.

To make it easier for you to understand the salesmen, ask to see the wrinkle-free shirts. However, never neglect to check the material composition on the label. The best way to check the wrinkle-free quality of the shirt is to crumple up a piece and see how the fabric feels (make sure your hands are perfectly clean). If you have a sensitive touch, use it: wrinkle-free fabrics have a soft and light touch. 

In addition, they are generally lighter and less dense than the usual fabrics used to make shirts. Also pay attention to the price offered and choose the right balance. Don't be impressed by cheap offers, because quality naturally has a cost. Just as an indication, you should expect to pay between 17 and 20 euros for a shirt that does not wrinkle. As notified, this is a rough average because prices vary by brand and by quality.

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How to choose a man's shirt that does not wrinkle?

How to prevent your shirt from wrinkling?

In order not to spoil the charm and elegance of your outfit because of multiple misplaced folds, it is necessary to adopt some simple, practical and effective gestures. First of all, get used to reading the labels of your clothes to know their composition and also the washing instructions. Fabrics in general tend to wrinkle when they are warm or wet. 

Wait until they are completely dry and cool before wearing them. When ironing, be sure to iron on the back of the garments and follow the seam lines. This way you can avoid too many wrinkles on your shirt. Buy a wrinkle remover or spray starch.

In conclusion

To choose a shirt that does not wrinkle, it is necessary to have an idea of the materials that give the fabric this quality. This is the case of polyester, rayon, twill, lyocell or elastane, etc. On the other hand, cotton not specifically treated, viscose or linen should be avoided. You should also have some very useful reflexes when buying your shirt. All these useful gestures are suggested above.


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