The best vibrators for women 

Sex toys are more and more popular, both for singles and couples. Among them, the vibrator for women is a good example of how to experience new sensations and discover your body. 

Here is a non-exhaustive list of the best vibrators for women.

The SINMEY vibrator

Manufactured by the house SINMEY, the sextoy of this brand is in silicone. A very popular material in the medical field. It is also of good quality. The silicone vibrator of SINMEY, is a sextoy massager. It is electric and soft to the touch. 

Thanks to its temperature functions, it is one of the best massager sex toys. It can be adjusted at will. 

You can get an excellent feeling by setting the temperature to 40° Celsius. 

This sextoy is equipped with a double motor. The most extraordinary is that it allows you to get 10 different modes of vibration. So you can choose the intensity you want according to your desires. 

You can carry it anywhere. It is very easy to recharge it. Just plug it into a USB port and it's ready to go. 

Also note that the silicone vibrator of SINMEY does not discharge quickly. It has an autonomy of 2 hours if it is well charged. Its 700 mAh battery is lithium. This vibrator is silent. It produces 50 dB. 

You are not at the end of your surprise. You can also use it in your bathroom for more fun. It is waterproof. Both men and women can use it and it has an excellent design.


The rabbit vibrator 

The rabbit vibrator pour femme est très prisée par la gente féminine. Il offre plusieurs avantages. Grâce à son double moteur chauffant, ce vibromasseur s?est largement démarqué des autres sextoys. La rotation est l?une de ses fonctions. 

When you use it, you will have the impression of being in contact with a real male sex. You will have movements of coming and going. You can also choose your speed and the mode of vibration. Your desires will be orders with this vibrator. It has indeed 10 modes of vibration and 3 different speeds. What to reach the orgasm. 

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Thanks to its heating function, you will be entitled to a temperature of 40°C. This temperature is comparable to the heat of the male sex. 

The rabbit vibrator is made of silicone. Silicone is the best material. It is easy to wash. 

If you have any doubts about its composition, don't worry. It does not irritate the skin and has no smell. It is also waterproof. In your bathtub, you can get pleasure safely and without alarming your roommates. This vibrator is discreet. It does not scream like a chainsaw. The intensity of the vibrations is 40 dB. 

The rabbit vibrator for women also stands out for its size. It is 25 cm long. The head of the vibrator is 37 mm. It is this head that has the shape of the human phallus. The telescopic length of this sex toy is 30 mm. You can take it anywhere. If it discharges, with your USB port, you can easily charge it. 

The Wand wireless vibrator 

The wireless vibrator Wand does not cause any risk of allergy. You can use it in all serenity. This vibrator is 31.5 cm long and 6 cm wide. It is made of medical silicone. In contact with your skin, the sextoy wand will give you a wonderful feeling of softness. 

It has a double motor and a dozen vibrations. Unlike the rabbit vibrator for women, it gives you a better feeling on the areas :

  • of the neck ;
  • muscles;
  • of the back ;
  • etc.

It has several advantages. As its name indicates, it can be used without wire. It therefore offers a better use in your actions. The wireless vibrator wand can be used in water. It is completely permeable and easy to maintain. It is autonomous and has an internal battery. Do not hesitate to get it. 

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The famous blog BienFaireLamour also proposes others on its site:


The MANFLY vibrator 

This vibrator is the best of the best. Its design is futuristic and it offers you a pleasure not to be described. Thanks to its dual independent motors, it gives you strong vibrations. If you want to go smoothly, set the power to medium intensity. If you want strong vibration, set the bar to the maximum level. Easily rechargeable with a USB port, it has 10 different vibrations. 

The MANFLY vibrator is made of silicone. It is made in good conditions. It is also free of phthalates. You won't catch an allergy, rest assured. 

It is easy to use. You don't need to be an expert, just read the instructions and you're done. However, be careful. This vibrator can be rinsed in water but do not immerse it completely. 

The Louviva vibrator 

The Louviva vibrator is waterproof. Thanks to its LED lights, it illuminates your room when you are in the dark. It is a vibrator that adapts easily with your preferences and rhythms. It has 10 different vibrations. It has a touch control to choose your vibration modes. 

The Louviva vibrator is a wireless sextoy. It is also very easy to use. Your movements and actions are not limited. You can recharge it with a USB plug. When its battery is completely full, it has an autonomy of one hour and thirty minutes. The power of its battery is 650 mAh. 

This sex object Louviva has a weight of 200 g and a size of 255 X 40 mm. Note also that it is a soft gadget in contact with your skin. 

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Clitoral stimulators

If you want to get clitoral sextoys for new sexual experiences, we recommend :

  • the Satisfyer Pro Next Generation;
  • the Womanizer Premium eco ;
  • Lelo Sona Cruise.
  • The lovense Ferri (see the review on vibrating panties)

You can also buy the toy joy diva tongue and the european magic wand massager.

Satisfyer Pro Next Generation: the stimulator for beginners 

This is a sextoy for all beginners. If it is your first experience, we recommend it. It has 11 levels of vibration and is made of silicone. You can also use it in your bathroom or in a private pool. You can recharge it with a USB plug. 

With the Satisfyer pro next you will reach orgasm. Try it and see. 

Lovense Lush 3

The best seller of Lovense. The famous Lovense Lush 3This toy allows stimulation of the clitoris from inside the vagina. It is controllable remotely through the Lovense Remote application. It is a kind of vibrating egg. Lovense products are very well made.

Lovense Lush 3

Womanizer Premium eco

Unlike the satisfyer stimulator, the womanizer premium is made of biolaine. This is a biological material. It offers you only two intensity options. It has two tips. The tips allow you to adapt to the shape of your clitoris. You will find them in S and M. It has a good autonomy of 240 minutes. When it is discharged, you will have to charge it for 60 minutes. Its battery is replaceable. 

You get a bonus when you buy. It is a satin pouch. This pouch will be used to store your sextoy after each use. 

Lelo Sona Cruise 

Lelo sona cruise is a suction sextoy. If you love foreplay, this clitoral stimulator is for you. You can choose your intensity thanks to its 12 intensity modes. It is waterproof. 



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