The naughty advent calendar 2022 has arrived!

Advent calendar 2022

The naughty advent calendar is an advent calendar that contains 24 naughty surprises to discover each day. It is an ideal gift for couples who wish to please their partner.

You can offer this calendar to your partner.

He will be very happy to receive it and he will be delighted to discover every day a new naughty surprise.

He will be delighted to discover a new naughty surprise every day.

Ideas of gifts to put in an advent calendar for your spouse

The excitement of the naughty advent calendar

For advent calendar lovers, there is a naughty version of the advent calendar. Indeed, the Love to Love Naughty Advent Calendar is specially designed for couples. A sexy evening with your partner or with friends over a drink is planned, all this while being seduced by intimate toys.

Advent calendar 2022

The advantages of a naughty advent calendar

It has been a few years since this tradition was born in Germany. We are in the middle of the Advent season, and most of you have already started to prepare your Advent calendar. But did you know that the advent calendar is also a great way to make your partner happy? And for good reason, naughty advent calendars are original gift ideas for Valentine's Day, Christmas or any other event.

What you should put in your naughty advent calendar

There's nothing like a naughty advent calendar to warm up the atmosphere while waiting for Christmas. We suggest you this superb advent calendar which will be able to make raise the temperature and to warm up your couple!

  • A naughty advent calendar
  • Chocolates
  • Erotic games
  • And much more!
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Many gift ideas for your naughty advent calendar

The Advent calendar is a classic of the year. This tradition dates back to the time of the Reformation, when little treats were offered every day until Christmas. Nowadays, children who are looking forward to the arrival of Santa Claus have the chance to draw the candy that will be given away on December 25.

The Advent calendar has become an unavoidable tradition and returns every year.

Your Naughty Advent Calendar knows how to bring a lot of pleasure to your relationships by offering you love games every day. All couples will find their happiness, the games are adapted to each member of the couple.

You will be able to buy your Naughty Advent Calendar on our website and choose from different themes.

Packaging and presentation of your naughty advent calendar

The advent calendar is an original and original gift idea for Christmas or for a birthday. Indeed, the advent calendar consists of a calendar and small gifts to discover each day.

The sexy advent calendar is for women, the original advent calendar is for men.

The final countdown to Christmas... or New Year's Eve!

The great thing about advent calendars is that every day you discover a little treasure. An activity that you like, a delicious treat that has been staged, quality chocolates that are highlighted in this pretty box. It is ideal for a gourmet break.

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Advent calendars are often homemade, so you can really personalize your own. You can put chocolates instead of toys or other little surprises.

There are many ways to use this advent calendar.

Why not make a naughty advent calendar every year?

Every year, you put off filling your advent calendar with little touches that will make your loved ones happy. This year, you decided to do something different by putting the package with a naughty advent calendar every day of the week.

You don't know this site yet? Then let yourself be tempted by these little naughty surprises right now! This advent calendar is made for you!

In conclusion, the advent calendar is a tradition that has been democratized over time and has become a real fashion phenomenon. It is a very good way to please your loved ones, to make them wait until Christmas, and to allow them to prepare themselves for this holiday, which is more and more commercial. It is also an opportunity for brands to increase their notoriety and to reach a young target.

Poppers in a naughty front calendar

Poppers are used by many people in France. It can be used in a festive context thanks to its euphoric effects, but also in a more intimate context. It facilitates the penetration during sexual relations. If you want to buy it at the best price, we recommend you to inquire at a poppers wholesaler. You will have a wide choice at the best price in the different products.

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It will even be possible to find a naughty calendar that will allow you to enjoy a new bottle of poppers every day. Enough to spend a very pleasant month of December while waiting to celebrate Christmas with your partner. Moreover, poppers are completely legal and you can consume them whenever you want without any risk. As far as the law is concerned. It is still important to use it in moderation when you consume it.

Several choices for your poppers

On the wholesaler's online store, you will have many choices for your bottle of poppers. If you don't know which one to choose, we recommend you to choose the most famous and most consumed one: Rush poppers. If you buy it with the purpose of reselling it in your store, you will have the guarantee that this product will go very quickly. Moreover, you will have the guarantee to order a quality product certified CE.

It will be possible to receive them in less than 24 hours everywhere in France. The rates become adapted to the professionals as soon as you buy at least 24 bottles. It is also possible to buy a box without the purpose of reselling it, if you want to share it with your friends, for example. And you can also benefit from a free delivery.

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