What a feeling it is to skydive

I loved this book! I devoured it in one day and would recommend this good little diversion to adrenaline lovers.

Skydiving is an activity that gives a lot of pleasure, because it is a sensational jump in the air. These sensations are due to the certainty of being safe, the comfort of the equipment and the freedom to go and come back at will.

This impressive spectacle is ideal for people who love thrills. Vacationers who wish to reach the Rockies by foot or by bike must do so by skydiving!

Given the weight of the parachute and equipment, how does it feel to skydive?

When the equipment is set up, it's important to know how it feels to skydive. First of all, you always feel a little nervous. It is important to know that feeling nervous is normal and expected in order to react effectively to any situation that may arise during the jump. Secondly, a person who is ready to skydive should be aware that the falls often last much longer than in the movies. Depending on the parameters of the parachute, the fall can last up to an hour and a half. Finally, a person who jumps by parachute must know how to anticipate the movements of his parachute to finish his fall smoothly.

What is the strongest feeling you get from skydiving?

The strongest impression that one can feel when skydiving is the pleasure of freedom. It's the feeling of finally being free to move, to fly through the skies. This feeling is immense and it is not only felt when you are about to dive into the void. It is also present when you are suspended in the air, discovering nature.

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When you parachute, do you see the sky or the ground?

A parachute is a device used to move through the air. The first parachutes were pulled from the wings of vultures. First you see the sky, then you land on the ground.

Skydiving equipment!

It is an extraordinary sensation to jump in parachute! You are far from the ground, and you have the impression to be free. It is an unforgettable moment for the sportsmen!


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