Top 5 beauty trends to watch in 2022

To be beautiful, it is also to follow the evolutions of its time. From now on, the beauty care are also intended to be futuristic. How to take care of your body and face in 2022? Which products should be favored? Here are some of the beauty trends not to be missed this year.

Vegan and organic beauty products, for an eco-responsible fashion

The trend is towards responsible consumption even in the world of beauty. This year, vegan products and organically produced cosmetics are being promoted. Generation Z, which includes all those born between 1999 and 2010, wants to adopt a completely ecological and responsible behavior.

A study conducted by Klarna in 2021 showed that about 40 percent of consumers admit to choosing environmentally friendly cosmetic brands that follow strict CSR policies.

Tinted sun care products, to protect yourself from all external aggressions

In order to effectively protect your skin from blue light and UV rays, tinted sun care products are to be adopted. This revolution comes from our experiences during the periods of confinement where we were busy all day long in front of the screens.

To take advantage of this, you can simply request a beauty appointment in the institute nearest you on booking platforms such as Planity. You will easily find all the services you need.

Refillable bottles for an ecological skincare

Always in line with the ecological care, the trend is currently refillable packs. If beauty professionals have already been working on eco-friendly packaging since the year 2021, the practice tends to strengthen for this year. You can already find many cosmetic products offered in refillable bottles.

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Taking care of your beauty with solid cosmetics

Face wash, toothpaste, shampoo or other, solid cosmetics were already very popular in 2021. In 2022, these products are still very popular, always in this ecological and responsible perspective.

Being inexpensive, these solid cosmetics are convenient to use. In addition, they can be stored for a relatively long time. There is no risk of allergies as they do not contain any chemicals or preservatives.

As for its packaging, it is also recyclable while being limited. Most often, it is a cardboard box or a paper bag. They can also be versatile and multifunctional.

Black lipstick is not only for goths and Halloweens anymore

For 2022, the lipstick trend will be black. A makeup that will no longer be reserved for goths and Halloweens. It underlines the return in force of the pop-punk era of the 90s. As it is able to dress the face alone, it does not necessarily require a particularly worked makeup.

Although it's easy to wear black lipstick, you have to be careful not to impose too much of a difference in skin tone. It can give a bad look.


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