Unclogging of pipes in Toulon

Unclogging of pipes in Toulon

Pipes are pipes that allow water to circulate in a house. They can be clogged for several reasons: an object fallen in the pipe, a deposit of scale, an accumulation of grease or a problem of sealing. In all cases, it is important to react quickly because this can have consequences on the proper functioning of your installation. We will see how to proceed to unblock your pipes in Toulon.

Why do pipes get blocked?

There are many reasons for clogged pipes.

The first is lack of maintenance, and more specifically, a lack of drain cleaning. If you don't clean your pipes regularly, they can become clogged.

Food waste or other residues that fall into the pipes can also cause the water pipes to clog. In addition, limescale in the water is responsible for the clogging of the water pipes.

When something falls down the drain, it can also clog it. Finally, if you use very hard water for watering your garden or cooking, it can damage the pipes and cause them to clog.

How to unclog your own pipes?

Unclogging your pipes is child's play, as long as you know how to do it.

There are several ways to unclog your pipes. If your pipes are clogged with hair or toilet paper, the easiest solution is to clean them with a plunger. Then, you will have to use a ferret to unclog your pipes.

However, you should be careful not to pull the cable too hard as this can damage your pipe.

The suction cup must be placed inside your pipe and held above the water in a vertical position. To unblock your pipe yourself, you just have to activate the crank located at the end of the plunger so that it can enter the pipes without forcing. To remove difficult blockages such as food residues or other residues that block your pipes, you can use a wet and dry vacuum cleaner.

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The dry vacuum cleaner allows to remove quickly and easily the thick residues which obstruct your pipe thanks to the passage of the compressed air at high pressure which acts like a suction cup on the dirt which is in your pipes.

The water jet also allows you to easily remove limescale from the inside of the pipes, which can be useful if you have a gas boiler, for example, or if you notice that certain objects regularly clog your pipes (such as toys).

Products to unclog drains

Bathroom drains are clogged? Don't know how to unclog them? Follow our tips and tricks. In this article, you will discover the products used to unclog drains, as well as some simple methods that can be effective.

Products to use to unclog a drain Chemicals are often needed to remove clogs in the pipes.

They are available on the market, especially in supermarkets or from a professional plumber. However, there are easier ways to unclog a drain without using chemicals.

For example, baking soda and white vinegar can be used to sanitize the pipes.

Bicarbonate and white vinegar act as a natural descaler by dissolving the limescale in the pipe, making it easier to clean and maintain. If your pipe is blocked by grease, the ideal would be to use liquid or non-solid black soap (based on caustic potash).

The tools needed to unclog a drain

To check the condition of the pipe, it is recommended to use a specific tool called inspection camera. This tool can also be used to detect leaks and blockages in the pipes.

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The inspection camera is used by professionals to perform a complete diagnosis of buried or embedded networks.

The pipes can be checked with this tool, which allows to have a precise idea of the problem encountered and to determine its origin. With the camera, the plumber will be able to locate the exact source of the problem: clog, misplaced elbow or total obstruction.

It should be noted that the use of this tool is not permitted on all types of networks and should only be performed by a qualified professional.

The choice usually turns to a manual camera for several reasons: - In some cases, manual handling is possible - When the pipe is too narrow to accommodate a van equipped - When the pipe is narrow and a van would risk approaching too close - When the pipe is long (several meters). To quickly find a company specializing in camera inspection of pipes in your area, simply use an online directory such as this one to perform the desired search without having to devote a lot of time and effort due to the physical movement within the physical premises where these professionals are located.

The tools needed to unclog a drain

Call a professional to unclog your pipes

When you have problems with your pipes, it is important to react quickly so that the damage does not get worse. Know that you can call a professional to unblock your pipes as soon as possible.

It should be noted that this type of service is quite expensive. If you wish to call upon a competent and experienced plumber, it is better to use the services of a certified and insurance-recognized craftsman. If possible, get several estimates before proceeding with the repair of your sanitary system.

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You can then compare the offers and choose the one that best suits your budget and expectations.

What are the best drain unclogging professionals in Toulon?

If you wish a drain unblocking, it is important to know that your plumber in Toulon is able to intervene quickly.

He can intervene urgently to solve your problem. Even if it will sometimes be necessary to pay more, it should not be a problem because the prices are reasonable. Indeed, the hourly rate of a plumber in Toulon is generally included between 30 and 40 euros TTC.

The rate varies according to the day and time of the intervention as well as the difficulty of the work. In any case, it is necessary to know that there are financial aids which allow to finance a part of the cost of the work in order to reduce the amount to be paid by the final customer. For example, the VAT applied on the interventions invoiced by a plumber in Toulon is generally not higher than 10%. However, if your financial situation is difficult or if your income is too low to benefit from financial aid (such as personalized housing aid), you can apply for ANAH or the "habiter mieux" program offered by certain local authorities.

The first step in solving a clogged drain problem is to find out where the clog has formed. This can be due to external elements such as falling leaves, or even objects such as toys that children leave lying around. So when you find that there is sand in your sink, simply remove it and the problem will be solved. If not, you can use a plunger to unclog your drain.


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