Densified wood logs: insurance against fire

Densified wood logs: insurance against fire

At that time, when I was 10 years old, I became fascinated with densified wood logs. I thought they were stronger and more durable than other logs. For the first time, I started writing books about wood logs. I always wanted to know more about this precious material. And then I discovered that densified wood logs were also beautiful.

Densified wood logs: insurance against fire

Proponents defend them by insisting on the quality of their combustion and their output. They also claim that densified logs significantly improve the quality of the air that results from the smoke. On the other hand, some opponents argue that densified logs can encourage the spread of fires and are therefore of little use in preventing flames.

What are the physical characteristics of densified wood logs?

Denseified wood is wood produced by hitting the trees to the log with a hammer or a pressure point. Densified wood logs have a higher density and better scratch resistance. Densified wood logs also have a longer lifespan and greater temporal stability.

What are the advantages of densified wood logs?

Densified wood logs have the following advantages:

-They are not affected by the weather, as they are protected against rain, wind and frost.

-They offer a long service life.

-They are easy to transport and store.

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-They are easy to assemble.

Densified wood logs have a very positive effect on the fire. They significantly increase the intensity and duration of the fire.


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