Tips for choosing the perfect menstrual panty for you


You've decided to take the plunge and become more environmentally friendly. How can you do this? By opting for menstrual panties. It is the best way to approach your period with peace of mind. However, before buying one or even several, you need to consider some basic criteria. Let's find out what you need to remember!

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It's all about absorption

As you know, every woman's blood flow is different. Some women bleed much more than others, which is normal. That's why it's important to know your own. Some menstrual pants are more absorbent than others.

If you want to avoid leakage and odour, these are the most advisable. Of course, towards the end of the cycle, you can wear a lighter flow underwear. This will prevent you from feeling too hot while wearing it. It really depends on your personal needs.

Take into account the country of manufacture

Menstrual panties are beginning to be popularised throughout the world. In France, for example, one of the brands that makes them is Elia Lingerie. In fact, to see the different models they have to offer, go to the website

By opting for a local menstrual underwear, you can be sure to invest in the French economy. All the more so as it is a guarantee of quality. Remember that in general, menstrual panties are carefully crafted and no detail is left to chance.

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Depending on the shape required

In contrast to the early days, there are now many different forms of menstrual underwear. From the most classic panties to the thong. It goes without saying that the more it covers you, the more it absorbs the flow. So the risk of leakage is minimal. Gone are the days of the old rule panties! Now a woman can wear nice underwear even during her cycle. The seams of the underwear should also be observed. They are usually more visible than a thong if you decide to wear tight jeans.

A determining factor: the price

A good menstrual protection is above all one that fits in the budget. The average price of a menstrual panty is around 30 euros. This depends on the model, but also on the absorption capacity of the underwear. This may seem like a lot of money, but in the long run it is more than a worthwhile investment.

In addition to this, the manufacturers focus on quality. You will no longer need to buy tampons or sanitary towels. Over a lifetime, this type of protection can cost more than 1,500 euros. All the more so as it has a negative, sometimes even dangerous impact on a woman's health.

Easy to care for menstrual panties

No woman wants to spend too much time caring for her underwear during her period. For this type of underwear, it is sufficient to rinse the underwear first and then wash it by hand or in the washing machine. If the washing process is more complicated, it is better to choose a different menstrual panty.

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