Platform lifts: Why and what are the rules for installing them?

Platform lifts are perfect equipment to improve the life of many users. They are most commonly used by people with reduced mobility. Indeed, a platform lift is a piece of equipment that can be installed both inside and outside a house. Once installed in your home, it offers many advantages: comfort, safety and independence.

If you are wondering what the real reasons are for installing a platform lift in your home and what rules to follow, you will surely find the answer in this article.

What is an aerial work platform?

A platform lift is a table system that allows people with mobility problems to go up and down stairs or levels. The principle of operation is similar to that of a goods lift. In fact, this equipment replaces the stairs and allows the user to move around in complete safety. There are two main types of platform lifts:

  • The platform stairlift works in the same way as a stairlift. It is equipped with a manually movable platform on rails installed at the stairs and a ramp that closes after a person is installed;
  • The vertical lift platform works like a special lift. It is a platform that goes up and down vertically, allowing the user to easily and safely climb to higher levels.

However, a lifting platform is not only installed in public places. There are also residential aerial work platforms that you can have installed in your home to allow elderly people to move around the house.

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What are the advantages of installing a lifting platform?

An aerial work platform has many advantages, especially in comparison to a lift. These advantages are an open secret today. Nevertheless, here are some reasons to opt for this tool.

A lift is less expensive

The price of a lift is half the price of installing a lift, which does not even include maintenance costs.

A lift is less restrictive

Unlike a lift, whose installation is time-consuming and irrevocable, a platform lift can be deployed quickly and is easy to use. It is an ideal, fast and efficient solution that adapts to your regular and immediate needs. It also takes up less space, so you can install it wherever you want.

The rules for installing a lifting platform

Although a platform lift is a tool that allows people with limited mobility to move around independently, there are some key rules to follow when installing it. Find some of them below.

Observe the recommended dimensions

The first thing to take into account when installing a lifting platform is to respect the dimensions defined by the measures in force. In fact, any lift installation must comply with the following dimensional rules:

  • In the case of a single or opposite service, the lift must have a dimension of 0.90 x 1.40 m?
  • In the case of a corner service, the lift must have a dimension of 1.10 x 1.40 m?
  • When two services are combined, the platform should be able to lift a load of 250 kg/m2?;
  • The gate must be 0.90 cm wide.
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Securing your lifting platform

It is imperative to secure your lifting platform. To do this, the use of the shaft is necessary up to a certain height. In addition, it is strongly recommended to secure the lower part of the platform to avoid the risk of falling, especially when the lift is lowered.


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