10 long-distance couple challenge ideas

10 long-distance couple challenge ideas

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Maintaining long-distance love is a daily challenge. To do this, you need to be creative. You need to organise challenges for the two of you to avoid feeling the absence of your partner too much. What challenges can you do together?

Discover here 10 long-distance couple challenge ideas you must try to keep your relationship in good shape. 

1- Dare to use erotic and sexually explicit e-mails

After a long and stressful day at work, you have only one person in mind. You want to see your partner. You miss him/her. Yet he/she is thousands of miles away. To break the routine of simple messages, why not be more creative? Log into your email account and send him/her a hot message.

Describe in this email how you wanted him/her to make love to you at that moment. For example, you can say in the text what position you would like him/her to hold you in, to caress you. Speak soft words to him/her. In other words, get the adrenaline going and get him/her excited. 

   2- Send naughty pictures on Snapchat 

Make yourself beautiful and take pictures of yourself. Be sexy. A lace bra and a red thong will do the trick. Don't forget to put lip gloss on your lips. It will make them look fuller. Wait for an hour when your partner is in the office and throw the photos at him. The effect of the surprise will make him or her hot. 

Be sure, this initiative will not leave him indifferent and he will undoubtedly want you. Don't do anything more, he will call you back or leave you a text message. However, take precautions. The photo diaspora should not exceed 5 minutes. 

  3- Make a hot playlist and call him/her

If you are used to spending your weekends together in a crazy atmosphere, his absence will play on you. So don't let it get you down. Create the same atmosphere and make a video call. For example, you can light the candle, dim the lights and put some roses on your bed. 

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Put on your sexiest lingerie and call him on Skype. Don't forget to put on some sensual music. Talk about everything and then get to the heart of the matter. Ask him for example what he would do to you if he were next to you. Provoke him and let your imagination do the rest. 

 4- Test vibrators from a distance

Did you know that you can make love from a distance? Yes, it is possible. With the advent of technology and the Internet, the world has become a small global village. Thanks to high-tech vibrators, long-distance lovemaking is no longer a problem. 

If you like this possibility, Lovense offers its sex toys at 50% discount:

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Buy connected sex toys. Leave the control to your partner and play along. Think of him/her as being next to you. You'll be in seventh heaven without realising it. 

 5- Send packages with sexy outfits

With the post, you can send parcels anywhere in the world. For example, you can send your partner a package containing 

  • fine lingerie;
  • a pretty dress;
  • a set of sexy underwear;
  • a perfume ;
  • etc.

You can find all this through the online sex shops. You can send a letter with the package. You can say ?I would like you to wear this dress when I arrive. Seeing you in it will make me even more crazy about you.

She will be happy and excited that you think of it that way. Gentlemen, women love small gestures and words. Take this into account. 


  6- Play the "I never" game

You have probably heard of this game at chill parties. It is exactly the same, but this time there are only two of you. Take erotic questions as a subject. Wait for a moment when you are both hot and make an audio call. 


Ask your partner if he has ever had sex on the beach. If they say no, then they win. If they have had sex in the open air, they have lost. To punish him, ask for a nude. You can also ask for something else. Decide on the rules of the game and agree on them. Above all, don't cheat. 

   7- Have an orgasm on the phone

Take your Rabbit vibrator and call your partner. Tell him/her how much you want him/her and say what you are about to do. Ask him to guide you. On the other end of the phone, he will guide you. You will feel as if he is right in front of you. Don't hold back. Don't restrain your screams. Moan, call his name, let yourself go. He will be very happy with the feeling he gives you. 

   8- Organise a role play

This is probably the most exciting challenge on this famous list of ideas. Why not organise a role play? It's very easy to do.

Pick up the phone and call your spouse's secretary. Pretend to be a customer who needs more information. Ask the secretary who answers that you want to speak to the CEO. The latter is nothing more than your partner. The call will be put through on his/her call line. When he/she picks up, your voice will be automatically detected. He/she will smile. 

However, continue to play your part. Tell him that you saw him in the company hall. That her/his eyes seduced you. That during the visit he/she gave you a feeling in your stomach.

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Then whisper sweet nothings. Excite your partner in the most beautiful way. Remember that you are playing a role. Think of yourself as a real customer who has fallen in love with the CEO. Be inventive to keep him/her on the phone for a long time. 


 9- Watch a movie together online 

With the Internet you can have a great time with your partner. You won't even feel the distance. If you have a Netflix account, sign up for a subscription. Then call your partner and watch a good series together. 

Why not follow a French comedy for two? Between laughter and tears, you will have a great time. You can also watch a romantic film and renew your vows of love.

 10- Play the "you prefer" game

You can also play the game "do you like it better" with your partner. Be creative and naughty. Ask naughty questions and be honest. For example, ask him if he prefers you to give him oral sex or if he prefers your small breasts. Ask him all sorts of questions that come to mind. He is your better half, so don't be ashamed. Be relaxed, unwind and set the right mood. 

You will have a great time with this game. 

Apart from these 10 challenge ideas for couples, you can also contact each other on skype while cooking, or having breakfast. There are so many ideas to try that you won't feel lonely. You just need to be motivated and above all creative. Then let your imagination and your partner's imagination do the rest.

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