Vibrating eggs for men

Vibrating eggs for men

There are many ways to stimulate your libido. And you don't necessarily have to be accompanied to do it, but it is more exciting to do it with your partner. There are sex toys such as vibrating eggs for men to help you achieve incredible sensations. 

Vibrating eggs for men

How to use a vibrating egg?

The vibrating egg is a small shell, usually made of PVC, in which a vibration system is housed. The remote control, which can be wired or wirelessly connected to this device, allows the user to choose the mode and intensity of the desired vibrations.

Vibrating eggs are suitable for both men and women: they can stimulate the anus, the vagina or the clitoris.

The vibrations emitted by the vibrating egg allow for all imaginable modes of stimulation. 

Men use it for masturbation and for anal penetration.

In hetero couples, the man can use it to perform cunnilingus with the egg, just to spice things up. It can be used to stroke and masturbate the intimate part. You can use it for a long time if you take good care of it. 

It can also be inserted into the woman's anus during vaginal penetration by her partner, to increase the pleasure.

Suitable for a variety of situations, the vibrating egg is also used by women for solitary pleasure. With the help of a suitable lubricant, it can be inserted into the vagina. However, its small size prevents it from remaining in place for a long time. This is why some vibrating eggs are equipped with straps (like a thong) to keep them in place.) This makes it easier to move. The remote control allows you to change the vibration mode as you wish. 

The different types of vibrating eggs

There are many models of vibrating eggs available on the market. There is something for everyone: waterproof, wireless, with or without remote control, smooth or with spikes for example. 

Among the most popular models among users, we can mention :

  • Dorcel Waterproof vibrating egg;
  • Dorcel Splashproof vibrating egg;
  • Super Vibrant Violet Morgana egg;
  • watertight eggs ;
  • Eggs in capsules;
  • wire eggs ;
  • wireless eggs.
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Eggs are a great way to enjoy yourself from a distance thanks to the connected sex toys.

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Go for it with your eyes closed ?

Dorcel Waterproof Vibrating Egg

This model is one of the cheapest wireless vibrating eggs on the market, without compromising on quality and functionality. 

It consists of various frequencies and can be used over a distance of ten metres or less. Its shape allows it to touch all your erogenous zones, which is interesting. 

Waterproof, you can use it to satisfy yourself at the beach, in the shower and many other places. It is operated with a remote control and has a battery life of one hour. However, you have the choice of using batteries. 

Dorcel Splashproof Vibrating Egg

The shape of this egg favours the stimulation of the G-spot. As a couple, you are in control of your wife's pleasure thanks to the remote control provided. 

Masturbation is also possible with this elegantly designed egg for both men and women. 

Battery operated but also rechargeable, this egg will allow you to enjoy beautiful moments both alone and as a couple. 

Super Vibrant Violet Morgana Egg

This egg is not waterproof, so it cannot be used in a bath, jacuzzi or swimming pool. However, you can enjoy the multiple vibration modes in the shower with your partner or alone.

It is battery operated and is one of the cheapest models on the market.

It also has a remote control that you can use as you wish.

Sealed eggs

Since they do not get wet, you can put them in the water for as long as you like. There is no risk of water getting in and damaging them. 

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Why not enjoy it in a nice hot bath? Are you going on a romantic weekend and can you enjoy a private Jacuzzi? Take your vibrating egg with you to spice up the night!

Eggs in capsules

These eggs have a more elongated shape with a small diameter. They are sometimes made of metal and do not really look like other vibrating eggs. They are versatile and can stimulate all intimate parts of the female and male body. 

Vibrating eggs for men

Threaded eggs

These eggs are no longer fashionable and are disappearing from the market. 

However, they are still very efficient and provide intense pleasure to their followers. 

These are the least expensive models, but they are still of good quality. They provide a high level of stimulation. 

Wireless eggs

They are very popular and fashionable at the moment. 

They have multiple functions and are equipped with a remote control with a range of several metres. This makes them ideal for couples. Ask your wife to wear a vibrating egg during a dinner in a restaurant and get her excited during the meal, ensuring a great night! 

Top 5 best vibrating eggs

The market for vibrating eggs is very large. A ranking has been established taking into account the functionality of each object, the opinions of users, the price etc.

In our opinion, these are the best vibrating eggs currently available on the market:

  • the Fovel vibrating egg;
  • the Fidech vibrating egg;
  • Goliate Daloa 3 in 1 vibrating egg;
  • Dorcel's Secret Vibe 2 Remote Control Vibrating Egg;
  • Clara Morgane Super Vibrant Egg.

The Fovel vibrating egg

The price of this egg is very affordable, yet it offers a quality finish.

In addition, the material used for its manufacture makes it very pleasant to touch.

Finally, the supplied remote control allows up to seven vibrations to be triggered anywhere and at any time.  

The Fidech vibrating egg

The beautiful Fidech vibrating egg has a wireless remote control. Its twelve vibrations provide a unique experience. As one of the cheapest wireless models on the market, its use is also very intuitive. In addition, the noise level is very low. So you can use it anywhere without restraint.


Goliate Daloa 3 in 1 Vibrating Egg 

This egg comes in a nice box, with its remote control and Geisha balls. 

The user guide provided, which is very complete and suitable for everyone, makes it easy to get used to. 

The egg and its accessories are made of silicone, which ensures a pleasant touch. 

With 7 levels of vibration, it will provide intense pleasure to its users. 

It has a battery that can be charged for up to two hours. It is easy to insert into the vagina and is simple to use. This vibrating egg triples your pleasure compared to other vibrating eggs.

Dorcel Secret Vibe 2 Remote Control Vibrating Egg 

This vibrator allows couples to enjoy unique moments, and singles to enjoy intense solitary pleasure.

It is operated with a wireless remote control and offers 8 vibration modes. 

Made of silicone, it adapts easily to the body thanks to its shape. It can also excite the woman's G-spot.

Clara Morgane Super Vibrant Egg

The Clara Morgane brand offers sex toys of exceptional quality, guaranteeing that everyone will have an enjoyable time.

Made of silicone, it is a cordless and silent egg. It is easy to use and has two vibration modes. Battery powered, it can be taken anywhere.

It is a good idea to cover the egg with lubricant before use. You should also take care to clean it before and after each use. To do this, simply use a flannel moistened with warm water. Hot water is indeed recommended to eradicate bacteria, it will leave your sextoy clean and ready for its next use!

All vibrating eggs can be inserted both anally and vaginally. They can also be used for erotic massage.

Whether you are a couple or a solo, straight or gay, don't hesitate to try a vibrating egg to get intense pleasure wherever you are.

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