What are the consequences of mould in a house?

Living in an environment where mould is present can lead to serious illness. This is because this microorganism releases a substance called mycotoxin, which is harmful to the human body, into the air during its reproduction. If you have no idea of the risk you run by allowing this pathogen to develop in your home, we invite you to discover in this post the consequences of the presence of mould in a house.

Origin of mould growth in a house

Before discussing the consequences of the presence of mould in an environment, let us first recall the causes of its appearance. Indeed, the main factor at the origin of the development of mould in a room is the increase of the humidity level. This can be caused by many factors such as poor sealing, poor ventilation, rainwater infiltration through cracks, chimney flue, facades of the condominium, etc. To find out if your home has been infected by mould, simply take a close look at your ceiling or walls to check for the presence of black marks.

The health consequences of mould in the home

As mentioned earlier, the symptoms of mould are numerous. These include headaches, chronic fatigue, runny nose, increased frequency of asthma attacks, wheezing, irritated nose, eyes, throat, etc. However, it is advisable to consult a health professional to identify what you are really suffering from if you experience any of these symptoms, because as you can see, it is not only mould that can cause them. Indeed, the presence of other contaminants such as a volatile compound like formaldehyde or an allergen can also cause similar problems.

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People most vulnerable to health problems due to mould exposure

Certain groups of people are particularly vulnerable to mould-related symptoms. These include young children, the elderly, people with chronic respiratory illnesses, and people with weakened immune systems following chemotherapy.

How can you prevent mould growth in your home?

Pour prévenir l?apparition des moisissures et le risque sanitaire lié à leur présence, vous devez vous assurer de la bonne isolation thermique des murs de votre maison. Très efficace, cela empêchera l?augmentation de l?humidité dans vos pièces, et par ricochet le développement des moisissures. L?autre alternative pour éviter l?apparition des moisissures dans vos pièces consiste à passer sur vos murs une peinture anti-moisissure qui peut préserver efficacement votre logement des traces d?humidité. Toutefois, pour que cette solution soit efficace, vous ne devez pas attendre l?apparition des traces de moisissure pour l?appliquer.

What should you do when you find mould in your home?

As soon as you notice the presence of mould in your home, you should contact a professional who will identify the source of the excess moisture in your home. This is very important, because if you only apply products to eliminate the mould, you will not have solved the problem permanently. Indeed, it would only be a matter of time before the mould appears again in your home.

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